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Please note the revised date
On 12th June we’re again celebrating the gift of music in our church and community life.

In conjunction with the Royal School of Church Music (RSCM), to which we are affiliated.

See RSCM page:

Celebrating music and musicians
12th June

Music is a vital part of our life as individuals and collectively, and an equally vital part of our life at Holy Trinity, in congregational song and in choral and instrumental contributions.

Although we celebrate the gift of music every time we meet, RSCM Music Sunday is a special way of marking the contribution of music and musicians to our spiritual life as a community at Holy Trinity.

We will be marking Music Sunday with a new song, simply written, by Paul Cookson and David Scott-Thomas:

We are the light in times of darkness,
we are the light, and we are love.
We are the hope that’s burning brightly,
the light and love from Christ above.

Let’s shine this light in every corner,
let’s shine this light into the dark,
let’s shine this light of Christ together
in every soul and every heart.

We may be weak and we may falter,
we may be candles in the wind.
But if we join as one together
then Heaven’s light will not be dimmed.

Let’s shine on those who would do evil
with Christ’s own light so pure and true.
Let’s shine on those who would bring darkness
stifling the good that we could do.

Oh, may we light the path for others,
illuminate the darkened road.
And banish shadows of injustice
to lighten every heavy load.

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