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Music for services

Music Group

Please note that this page is always work-in-progress, and subject to change without notice!
However, it can help us prepare for upcoming Sundays and festivals.

Abbreviations for hymnbooks and some other resources

  • CFE Celebration Hymnal for Everyone
  • CG Common Ground
  • CH4 Church Hymnary 4
  • CP Common Praise
  • CRP Complete Responsorial Psalter
  • HON Hymns Old & New
  • HPP Hymns for Prayer & Praise
  • L Laudate
  • MCW1 Music for Common Worship 1 (RSCM, 2000)
  • MP Mission Praise
  • OBFA Oxford Book of Flexible Anthems (OUP, 2007)
  • SP Sing Praise
  • TKC Thy Kingdom Come (RSCM, 2014)
  • WP World Praise
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