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Prayer & Prayer Diary

prayer diary

Prayer diary for December

  1. Wed, Charles de Foucauld, Priest, 1916, for a sacred and prayerful Christmastide
  2. Thu, Nicholas Ferrar, Deacon, for all who give up their Christmas to serve
  3. Fri, Francis Xavier, Priest, 1552, for Bishop Mark Strange, Primus of the SEC
  4. Sat, John Damascene, Priest, 750, for Bishop John Crook
  5. ADVENT 2 for our community in Stirling and local areas
  6. Mon, Nicholas of Myra, 350, for the children of the world
  7. Tues, Ambrose, Bishop, 397, for Bishop Ian, our Diocesan Bishop
  8. Wed, The Conception of Mary Mother of the Lord, for all expectant mothers
  9. Thu for the members of Stirling and local councils
  10. Fri for our local Fire and Rescue Service
  11. Sat for the members of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution
  12. ADVENT 3 for Religious Orders, power houses of prayer
  13. Mon, Lucy, Virgin and Martyr, 304, for those being persecuted today
  14. Tues, John of the Cross, Priest, 1591, for those working in the mission field
  15. Wed for Cathy Johnston, our Lay Representative
  16. Thu for those who use the hall & for Sarah Shaw, its convenor
  17. Fri for Robert Nellist, our Treasurer
  18. Sat for Rachel Campbell, Vestry Secretary & Vestry members
  19. ADVENT 4 for the Episcopalian Church in the USA
  20. Mon for Alistair Warwick, Director of Music, the Choir & Music Group, and Laura Buxel, our Organ Student
  21. Tues for Helen Kemp, our PVG co-ordinator
  22. Wed for Mary Kenyon, our flower convenor
  23. Thu for our Altar Servers, Brian, Jim, Mike, Caroline & Suzanne
  24. Fri CHRISTMAS EVE for those who journeyed to Bethlehem
  25. Sat CHRISTMAS DAY – unto us a Saviour is born, unto us a Son is given
  26. FIRST SUNDAY AFTER CHRISTMAS for pilgrims to Jerusalem
  27. Mon, Stephen, Deacon and Martyr, for our Church Media production team
  28. Tues, John, Apostle and Evangelist, for Revd Christoph Wutscher, our Rector
  29. Wed, The Holy Innocents, for HTKidZ and Alistair and Sarah Shaw
  30. Thu, Josephine Butler, 1905, for Revd Val Nellist, our Assistant Priest
  31. Fri, John Wycliffe, Priest, 1384, for NHS Staff and Ambulance Crews

Saints and Heroes of the Faith to inspire our prayers in December

St Francis Xavier – born in 1506 he was an original member of the Society of Jesus with St. Ignatius – he took vows of poverty and chastity and committed himself to evangelism. He was one of the greatest of all Christian missionaries preaching in Goa, South East Asia, Japan where he landed in 1549. He learned Japanese and founded a Church that endured a long persecution. He died while on his way from Goa to China in 1552.

St John Damascene, born in Damascus about 675. After holding public office for a time, he withdrew to the Monastery of Sabas near Jerusalem and took Monastic Vows and later became a priest. He wrote The Fount of Wisdom, in which he presented comprehensive teaching on Christian Doctrine which had a great influence on later theology. He died about 750.

St Ambrose – born about 339, at Trier in Gaul, he studied and became a successful advocate. In 370 he became Governor of Districts in Milan. On the death of its Arian bishop Auxentius, Ambrose appealed for peace at the assembly convoked to elect a successor. A voice from the crowd shouted ‘Ambrose for bishop’. Whilst still a Catechumen he was elected Bishop of Milan by the laity. He hesitated to accept but was baptised and ordained. He studied theology and became a teacher and defender of the faith. He received St. Augustine into the Church. He lived a very full and energetic life; his feast is given as 7th Dec, whereas the Book of Common Prayer has it as the 4th April.

St Lucy died at Syracuse in the persecution of Diocletian, 304. Her following was both early and widespread. She came from a wealthy family, refused marriage, and supported the poor from her own means. Churches were dedicated to her in Rome, Naples, and Venice and later in England where she has been known since the time of Aldhelm, 709, Abbot of Malmsbury. She is remembered too in Sweden. She suffered greatly before her Martyrdom and she died by the sword.

Prayer diary for January

  1. Sat, The Naming of Jesus, for the Christian family across the world
  2. Sun, CHRISTMAS 2, that we show his glory to the world
  3. Mon for Alistair Warwick, Director of Music, the Choir & Music Group, and Laura Buxel, our Organ Student
  4. Tues for our Armed Services
  5. Wed for our Security Services
  6. Thu, THE EPIPHANY, for those who have visited a crib and found Christ
  7. Fri, for Cathy Johnston, our Lay Representative
  8. Sat, for those fearful of what the New Year may hold for them
  9. Sun, BAPTISM OF THE LORD, for Christ standing with humanity
  10. Mon, William Laud, Bishop, 1645, for all who have Chaplaincy responsibilities
  11. Tues, David, King of Scots, 1153, for the staff and patients of our local hospitals
  12. Wed for Rachel Campbell, Vestry Secretary and Vestry members
  13. Thu, Kentigern (Mungo), 603 for HT KidZ & Alistair & Sarah Shaw
  14. Fri, Hilary of Poitiers, Bishop, 368, for Mary Kenyon, our Flower Convenor
  15. Sat for our brothers and sisters of the Jewish faith
  16. Sun, EPIPHANY 2, that we may bring others to Christ
  17. Mon, Antony of Egypt, 356 for our Church Media production team
  18. Tues, The Confession of Peter, that the Church may become one
  19. Wed for Helen Kemp our PVG co-ordinator
  20. Thu for our governments at Westminster and Holyrood
  21. Fri, Agnes, Martyr, 305, for Revd Val Nellist our Assistant Priest
  22. Sat for our Altar servers Brian, Jim, Mike, Caroline & Suzanne
  23. Sun, EPIPHANY 3, for those who teach the Christian faith
  24. Mon, Francis de Sales, Bishop, 1622, for directors in the faith
  25. Tues, Conversion of Paul, for those preparing for Ministry in the Church
  26. Wed, Timothy & Titus, Bishops, for our College of Bishops
  27. Thu, John Chrysostom, Bishop, 407, for Revd Christoph Wutscher, our Rector
  28. Fri, Thomas Aquinas, Teacher, 1274, for the staff & pupils of local schools
  29. Sat for Robert Nellist our Treasurer
  30. Sun, CANDLEMAS, for the healing ministry of the Church
  31. Mon, Charles Mackenzie, Martyr, 1863, for Christian charities

Saints and Heroes of the Faith to inspire our prayers in January

St Hilary of Poitiers, Bishop of Poitiers – born in 315 of pagan parents, he became an orator, married and had a daughter, Afra. In 350 he became a Christian through a long period of study. In 353 he was chosen bishop; for the rest of his life, he was the outspoken champion of orthodoxy against the Arians. He was praised by Augustine and Jerome as an illustrious teacher of the churches. There are three churches dedicated to him in England.

St Antony of Egypt, Abbot, born in Egypt, about 260AD. When his parents died he gave his money to the poor and went into the desert, where he lived a life of penance. Many came to follow him and he is known as the father of monks. He supported those who suffered for the faith under the persecutions of Diocletian and helped St. Athanasius in his fight against the Arians. He died in 356.

St Agnes, Virgin and Martyr of Rome, born about 290. About 345, a basilica was built over her tomb. Her feast was kept in many churches both East and West. From early times she was considered one of the most famous of early Roman martyrs. Writers who praised her include Ambrose, Damasus, (both of whom claimed reliance on authentic verbal tradition), Jerome and Prudentius. On her feast at Rome, lambs are blessed which produce the wool from which the ‘pallia’ for archbishops are woven by the nuns of St. Agnes Convent. She died in her mid-teens in 305.

St John Chrysostom – born in 347AD, he became Bishop of Constantinople and Doctor of the Church. He was educated for the law at Antioch, where he also studied theology under Diodore of Tarsus, the leader of the Antiochene School. Early in life, he felt a call to the monastic life, becoming a hermit in the years 373-38. His early work ‘On the Priesthood’, is a finely conceived description of the responsibilities of the Christian minister.

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