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Christian Aid Week

Woman in red and green standing outside her brick-built home--Christian Aid

2024 appeal

Christian Aid Week 2024: 12-18 May

Push back against poverty: seven days, so many ways to fund lasting change. This Christian Aid Week, what will you do?

In Burundi, malnourishment and poverty affect over 70% of the population, putting them at the edge of survival.

Coming back from the edge isn’t easy when food can be scarce, disease is prevalent, and jobs are scarce. If you have a home, chances are there’s no electricity or running water, and it may not even survive the next storm.

Aline, pushed to the brink, was abused, homeless and hungry. But Aline pushed back. She found a lifeline through Christian Aid funded small business training and she set up as a grocery wholesaler. This meant Aline achieved what had seemed impossible, a vital income for her and her children.

You can help ensure more people in Burundi get the skills and knowledge they need to fulfil their hopes and ambitions.

Please donate and help someone push back against poverty this Christian Aid Week. 

QR code for Christian Aid Week 2024

Please support us this Christian Aid Week by donating to our e-envelope, which is at

Alternatively, you can e-mail David Brown at for a link you can pass on to your family and friends or circulate it on social media. The site makes it easy to do this.

In 2023, we raised £1,383.75, including Gift Aid.
In 2024, thanks to a last-minute donation, we exceeded that amount: £1,397.50. Thank you!

Previous years

2023 collection

£1,383.75, including Gift Aid

2022 collection

HT Kidz‘ Big Brekkie raised £170.55, and the e-envelope scheme £1046 (increased to £1258.75 with gift aid added).

2021 collection

We raised £760 + Gift Aid. 

Learn more

To learn about how your contributions help to fight global poverty, see

You may also like to reflect on Matthew 25:34-40.

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