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Imaginative Prayer

red glow from Mary Magdalene window

This article originally appeared during the pandemic lockdown

Imaginative Prayer at Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity is not just a building but a living community. Even when we are not able to meet in our church for worship and prayer, community life still goes on as we seek to love God and our neighbour in whatever ways we can.

But we must also not forget that Holy Trinity is a place entrusted to us. Not just a meeting room but sacred space – providing us with a spiritual focal point, a place exuding memory of prayer and worship and thus aiding us in our prayer.

A place which speaks of the Christian story in its symbols and decorations and a place which invites us deeper into God through its dedication and use.

Holy Trinity is a sacred space which invites to be prayed and worshipped in – that is its DNA.

When we can’t meet, we find other ways of connecting with the space which gives our community its name and purpose.

Why not imagine sitting in that light-filled spot for a while for some prayer and conversation with God?

Yours in Christ, Christoph

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