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Flourishing Future Group

(Formerly the Green Action Group)
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A Church where faith, community and environment are at the heart of its decision-making and provide a beacon to support a just transition to net zero.


To develop plans and strategies that ensure the environment is embedded in our faith, decision making and activity by:

  • promoting opportunities to reduce resource consumption and dependency on carbon;
  • enhancing opportunities for carbon capture and biodiversity;
  • providing an exemplar of best practice for the Church and the wider community.

Strategy summary

Our strategy also speaks to Holy Trinity’s core principles of being open, inclusive, inspiring, friendly and deep to support its flourishing future. The following summarises our aims for each aspect of the life of the Church.

1. Worship and Liturgy

The aim is to embed the care for God’s creation into the life of the Church through preaching, liturgy, worship and prayer.

2. Theology and All-Age Education

The aim is to reduce our carbon footprint whilst simultaneously increasing our spiritual footprint.

3. Children’s Programme

The aim is to work with and inspire our children in faith and climate-related activities to the benefit of all.

4. Youth work

The aim is to HT young people in Church activities and decisions that deliver demonstrable benefits to the life of HT and its environment.

5. Church Property

The aim is to work closely with the Fabric Committee to support the efficient running of the Church whilst reducing its carbon footprint and wider impact on the environment.

6. Church Management

The aim is to bring sustainable practice and thinking to the heart of decision-making at HT.

7. Church Land

The aim is to grow HT’s visibility within the community and promote opportunities for biodiversity and carbon capture within its land.

8. Personal Lifestyle

The aim is to educate and encourage behaviours that support a sustainable, flourishing Church and Community.  In delivering this aim, priority should be given to:

9. Community Outreach

The aim is to improve HT’s place within the community. 

10. Overseas concerns

The aim is to promote activities that are local to promote global priorities.

Our guiding principles in decision-making

In embedding the environment within our faith and decision-making, we should also take account of how we support a just and fair transition to net zero and therefore should also include the benefits to the local community.

Further reading

Meanwhile, you can read about the Group's work on pages 14-15 of the September 2022 magazine.

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