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…with gratitude in your hearts
sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs to God.

Colossians 3:16

Music matters

Music is vitally important to worship, refreshing it in ways that words alone cannot do and helping to enable worship that renews and inspires.

Those who sing, pray twice (St Augustine)

At Holy Trinity, we use music in varied ways to enable all present to take part fully, consciously and actively.

  • Some of the music is unaccompanied, allowing the natural beauty of the human voice to be heard.
  • Most of the music is led by the organ or by other instruments, especially when the Music Group leads the singing.
  • We draw our main hymn resources from Common Praise, Sing Praise, Hymns for Prayer & Praise, Common Ground and Church Hymnary 4. These and other contemporary publications provide a rich and varied diet to our services.
  • Holy Trinity Church supports Church Music Scotland and is a member of the RSCM (Royal School of Church Music).


At Holy Trinity, we have:

  • a congregation that loves to sing and respond to new texts and tunes, often unaccompanied
  • a music group (4 – 6 in number) leading the music for all-age worship and other special occasions, featuring strings, flute, guitar, piano and occasional light percussion
  • a dedicated, small choir (8 – 15 in number) singing musically, mainly in unison, although with some harmony parts, using RSCM’s Voice for Life choir-training programme
  • a group of cantors who help lead the singing
  • an Organ Student
  • an experienced Director of Music (pastoral musician, organist and choir director), in post since April 2012
Circle with vertical lines, representing a waveform or perhaps organ pipes

Our building

The church is a training centre for Church Music Scotland (successor to RSCM Scotland), with events for young people, music-reading skills and singing award exams.

Music team

Alistair Warwick Director of Music
Sarah and Alistair Shaw Music Group co-leaders
Ulrike Wutscher cantor and soloist
Laura Buxel Organ Student
Christoph Wutscher occasional organist & conductor

Malcolm Allan† played for our Friday morning Eucharist and other occasions over 20 years. We are most grateful to Malcolm for his loving dedication and service.
May he rest in peace.


We currently use the following keyboard instruments in the church:

  • a large pipe organ with pipework by William Hill and Peter Conacher (3 manual & pedal), rebuilt in 1981, with a good range of sounds suitable for leading, accompanying and performance pieces
    (it needs work – and more funds!)
  • a grand piano in the south transept, on loan from the Director of Music
  • a grand piano in the choir vestry, gifted by Piers Jones, our previous organist
  • a Roland C-30 digital harpsichord, fortepiano, and chamber organ
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